Henri Craemer | Creative Process
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It All Started With A Throwaway Line

A crazy idea in a throwaway line can be just the fuel to fire up strange dreams.

It all started more than a year ago. An old friend mine, Niels Troost, suggested that I come and visit him in Sydney, Australia, where he currently lives.

I’ve known Niels since the mid 1960s. We started out as enemies, and became very good friends. I haven’t seen him since 1998 when he emigrated to Australia. Many things changed.

For What Insane Reason Hike A Camino?

I sometimes marvel at my own insanity. Is it possible? It’s the 4th of August, 2017. Here I am, four weeks after my birthday. I’m going to hike the Camino of St Francis of Assisi at age 63.

Arrangements are in place. The initial feelings of unbelief (and for that matter, disbelief) have been replaced with a sense of being on a runaway train. Will I really be up to this? Just by the numbers alone, the Francigena is not a quick walk in the park.