Henri Craemer | About Me
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Henri Craemer

Professional Blogger

Henri Craemer

My career started in the late1970s in the field of human resource management. Between 1990 and 1995 I focused on training and development. In this time I designed, wrote developed and implemented many of the programmes used.

In 1996, because I saw a growing need in many organisations to move beyond the standard ideas of information management. In this time I also established a publication: Craemer’s Management Commentaries and designed a Stress Assessment System.

Current focus: Following my second retrenchment (2003) my focus has been strongly on writing. I mostly work as a writer of blogs, search engine optimisation (SEO). Research forms a strong part of this. During times not occupied on specific projects, I’m writing a set of novels and poetry. Most recently I’ve also developed a presentation on the effects of language and history on communication, including story building and sharing.